All We Are

All We Are may have a Liverpool postcode but it's a veritable United Nations (Brazil, Ireland, Norway) when they sit down for dinner. And while they may make Merseyside their home, there's little about the area's musical heritage on this debut album. Tours with Jungle and Warpaint give a better insight into their self-described ‘psychedelic boogie’, with sweeping, reverb-heavy vocals and groovy, sparse guitar licks being their bread and butter.

Those touring partners make sense as single piano notes transform into a pulsating tremolo synth and the four-to-the-floor kick drum of ‘Ebb/Flow’. With double tracked vocals there is definitely a sense of Warpaint about them, though with a happier, more upbeat edge. They have no defined lead singer; instead nearly every song has complimentary male/female vocals. The psychedelic side of the trio shows in tracks like ‘I Wear You’ and ‘Life of Seven’; slower tempos and more dissonant chord progressions close things out perfectly. A game of two halves (the ‘boogie’ is front-loaded before they slowly wind things down) means AWE have packed a bit of a party in a bag. Grab your poison of choice and join them in watching the sun come up.



out of 10
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