AJ Unity - Sweet Roses

Sweet Roses from Trance pop duo AJ Unity, featuring Naomi Suzuki and Philipp M. Moll, has a sweet New Age/Trancy feel to it that sits very comfortably in the background, like a vase of flowers or a scented candle, delicately complementing the relaxing ambiance of a room. Opening track 'Rose' features wooden percussion instruments which adds an earthy texture to the ethereal harp, lush keyboards and Suzuki's floaty vocals, while songs like 'Morning' and 'Dreaming' mix Trip Hop elements with stylized New Age pop. The dreamy 'Everyday Memories' and 'Jupiter' could almost feature on an Enya album, warm piano chords and the rich textures of acoustic guitars and keyboards keep Suzuki's fragile vocals afloat. AJ Unity say their message is to "think outside the box" but there is little here that is innovative or new. That is not to say that Sweet Roses isn't a nice album, perfect to have playing in the background as you practice those more taxing yoga positions.



out of 10

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