Admiral Fallow - Boots Met My Face

For anyone who has felt a bit lost since Deacon Blue went on an indefinite hiatus, Admiral Fallow's debut album might just be the thing to fill that hole in your heart. Boots Met My Face is, on the whole, a mellow listen with the majority of the tracks being simple but well-crafted acoustic guitar and vocal combinations, such as on 'Delivered' and 'Four Bulbs', but the band revel in surprising the listener. Just when you think a track is settling into a gentle rythym, the rest of the band decides to come in to create a cacophony of joyful noise with everything but the kitchen sink chucked in; a perfect example of this is 'Old Balloons' which ends with a minute-long outro that even fellow countrymen Biffy Clyro would be proud of. It's these tracks that lift the album above being a nice listen into a memorable one as they showcase a band willing to avoid genre conventions and forge their own sound. Boots Met My Face won't appeal to everyone but anyone who is willing to give Admiral Fallow's brand of melodic rock a try will be pleasantly surprised.



out of 10
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