Ace Bushy Striptease - A Little More Suspicion In Our Fairytales Plz

Hey! Hey! Hey! And off they go! Birmingham's Ace Bushy Striptease are a band that simply do everything right. Hurling out a lo-fi amateurish racket that cares more about tunes and having fun over musicianship. Their perfect length pop songs are laced with girl-to-boy vocal interplay, all tied together with a magical ribbon that prevents it sounding like a fight in pre-school kitchen. The album (whose MP3's import with a genre of "Cuddlecore") almost recklessly scatters brilliance in every direction. This greatness pirouettes around the central pillar of tracks 'Let Us Sit Quietly And Listen To Pop Punk' and 'Children's Eyelash Trimming Device' - the former dominated by Eve’s adorable "Wish I could keep what I like" vocal; whilst the latter is sung as a gang with more gusto than you would think possible for such a random object. Fans of Pavement, Art Brut, Bearsuit and Los Campesinos! will instantly be enthralled by the twenty seven minutes of joyous nonsense from a band with little expectation on their shoulders. Commercial success will no doubt elude them, but those that they strike a chord with will hold them very dear.




out of 10
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