AC/DC - Iron Man 2: Motion Picture Soundtrack

Arguably the greatest rock n roll band of all time, it remains a mystery as to how AC/DC have endured for so long without having found the time to release a greatest hits package. Aside from the live albums this collection, featuring tracks from both the Bon Scott era and the current line-up, is probably the closest you’re gonna get although, for narrative reasons, the album contains lesser known tracks such as ‘Guns For Hire’ and ‘Cold Hearted Man’ at the expense of classics such as ‘Whole Lotta Rosie’. We’ll forgive them that though as the the clang of an Angus chord through a Marshall stack is possibly the most divine sound known to man, and it is hard to complain when faced with fifteen tracks of heavyweight heavy metal mayhem. It’s unusual for a Hollywood blockbuster to draw so exclusively upon the back catalogue of a single artist but, c’mon, this makes perfect sense; the ultimate metal band for the ultimate metal man. You can almost write the script, or at least draw up a storyboard, of the movie just by ticking through the tracklist. ‘Back in Black’, ‘Thunderstruck’, ‘If You Want Blood’, ‘TNT’, ‘War Machine’ – KERBLAM! One’s thing’s for certain, it ain’t gonna be subtle and I’m fairly certain that we won’t be seeing Helena Bonham Carter in a bonnet at any point during proceedings. The album leaves us stranded on the ‘Highway to Hell’, and surely that is an invitation to another sequel. Greatest hits part 2 anyone?




out of 10
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