Abe Duque - Live And On Acid

If you want to recreate a debauched, acid house night feel in your living room, you could do worse than pick up this two CD set from NYC DJ Abe Duque. Disc one is a mix of his own original tracks and remixes, while disc two covers mostly other artists’ underground classics, with Fingers, Inc and Nu Yorican Soul being about the most familiar names. Expect animal noises (chirping and, less conventionally, clip-clopping), squelchy synths, weird spoken vocals and extreme spaciness; in Neurotic Drum Band's 'Robotic Hypnotic Adventure', there’s even what sounds like a mellower 'Tricky Disco'. The freaky atmosphere is occasionally broken by a straight house track but Live And On Acid is probably too intense and twisted for the casual buyer.



out of 10
Category Capsule Review

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