65daysofstatic - We Were Exploding Anyway

Having finally returned to the studio after some almost non-stop gigging, Sheffield’s 65daysofstatic have produced their most expansive and powerful album. Pushing their post-rock leanings to the background has resulted in an onslaught of stunning electronica that just begs to be listened to over and over. Supporting The Cure on a US stadium tour certainly seems to have paid dividends as the epic nature of We Were Exploding. Anyway is simply enthralling. This is most noticeable on ‘Come To Me’ which merges their own driving rhythms with the instantly recognisable stylings of guest singer, Robert Smith. Ten minute album closer Tiger Girl is reminiscent of Underworld at their peak and powers us to a fitting finale to a superb album. They may have lost a few die-hard post-rock fans but that is a small price to pay as We Were Exploding Anyway will surely bring them an army of new listeners who don’t care about labels but just want to hear great music.



out of 10
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