100 Chillout Classics

I don’t know about you but when faced with five discs loaded with a total of 100 tracks then I’m more liable to get anxious than chilled out, particularly when I start scanning the track listing and find it veering wildly and frequently between the sublime (Sabres of Paradise, FSOL, New Order) and the ridiculous (Chris Rea and the Blow Monkeys!). I know tribalism is dead and we’re all catholic in our taste nowadays but there’s surely precious few who’ll be able to chill out to Primal Scream without bleeding from the eyeballs when Dido wafts by. Worse is yet to come in the form of Simply Red and the bottom line is, if I’m grinding my teeth then the ‘Chilled out' box ain’t getting ticked. From a personal point of view this set is worth having merely for the inclusion of The Grid’s peerless ‘Floatation’ which has left a hole in my soul since the TMF turntable packed in all those years ago. A one in a hundred hit rate isn’t wonderful but, truth be told, there’s plenty (Coldcut, Leftfield) here to be enjoyed, although more likely via iPod shuffle mode than the curious sequencing of the physical discs. I’m not convinced that the world was crying out for yet another copy of William Orbit’s version of Barber’s Adagio but neither can I deny that it was a sticky thrill to hear Happy Mondays ‘Hallelujah’ Club Mix. The fact that the pleasure bubble is immediately pricked by Garbage’s ‘Milk’ encapsulates the fundamental problem with the collection but, hey, let’s not cry over spilling a little of the white stuff.



out of 10
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