Win by commenting!

Every month, we are going to pick one user to have posted a comment in the previous month to win a prize. Each comment you make on The Music Fix will be an entry into the prize draw - so the more comments you make, the more entries you get.

There are rules - padding isn't acceptable, so if you post meaningless rubbish you'll find yourself disqualified. Also, we can only give prizes to UK residents due to the logistics involved, so if you're based in another country you're welcome to be active, but we can't pick you as a winner.

We want TMF to become a vibrant site with a sense of community. We'll be doing more to encourage user interaction and really think the site is going to be an exciting place to be so please help us out be getting involved!

We'll guarantee a minimum prize pot of at least £50 each month - this might be made up of free CDs, vouchers, live tickets and even some exclusive one-of-a-kind items.

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