TMF November 2009 Playlist

What will Music Fixers be listening to between the pyromania of November the 5th and the rampant consumerism of Christmas? This is what.


Ou Est Le Swimming Pool - 'Dance The Way I Feel'
The World Health Organisation has identified this track as the source of the disco-tourettes pandemic. Sufferers have to physically restrain themselves to not sing out-loud or do robotic dance moves when in public. Refuse the vaccine - dance the way you feel! (AM)

Yeti Lane - 'Lonesome George'
There are very few days that this hasn’t had a spin on the stereo. Juxtaposing fragile vocals with a foot-tapping tune into three minutes of ever ascending indie-pop joy. This improves with every single listen and has me peering through my telescope for a glimpse of their debut album. (AM)

Abi Makes Music - 'ThisisThStoryOfThDayMyShoeGotEatenByaFox'
I find myself singing the chorus to this all the time. Considering how random it is, I doubt it will be long before I am sectioned! It's hard to to put my finger on why this is so great. Maybe it is the simplicity of it. Or maybe, as with everything Abi writes, it's just so hilarious that it cheers up even the most drab day. Listen here. (AM)

Morrissey - 'That's How People Grow Up'
He's had a rough old month has Stephen P, but the release of the b-sides compilation Swords reminded us that he's managed quite a few decent numbers over the past decade. 'That's How ...' is a slight but energising romp that proves there's still a little bit of life in the old dog yet. (DB)

Johnny Foreigner – ‘Criminals’
Finally: a band to rival the late, great Mohobishopi in their ability to make incendiary, unhinged pop music from the most basic of ingredients. Fizzes and pops like a gobfull of space dust and rola-cola. (SB)

The Specials - ‘Stupid Marriage – Live’
The Specials are a fundamental part of my musical heritage and it was in fear as much as expectation that I headed along to see the reunion tour. Fears were unfounded though as they rocked the place to its foundations - the appearance of 'Judge Roughneck' being an unexpected cherry on the cake. Buy, beg or steal a ticket when they come your way. (SB)

The Raveonettes - 'Gone Forever'
"Black !" (GK)

Telekinesis! - Awkward Kisser
In danger of being overlooked in the end-of-year polls, the self-titled album by Seattle's Michael Lerner is still offering up new delights after several months. 'Awkward Kisser' is typical of his Brian Wilson-meets-Built To Spill three-minute gems. (DB)

The Joy Formidable - 'The Greatest Light is the Greatest Shade - Live'
Not many bands are worth the hassle of a drive into a rainy Manchester on a Friday night. (It's bad enough when they're third on the bill to bloody Editors. Oh, and getting there when they're twenty minutes into their set isn't exactly ideal.) But not many bands are The Joy Formidable. Thrillingly, a year after I first stumbled upon them, they're already starting to morph into something altogether more predatory. You can see it in their eyes, you can smell it on them. They're getting ready. (GK)



The Flaming Lips - Embryonic
Initial listens suggest a band trying to shake off fans like a dog might fleas, but that’s not always a bad thing. Long, indulgent, (possibly) difficult and one I’ll be attempting to get my head round before catching them live later this month. (JD)

Annie - Don’t Stop
The long delay (over a year) between completion and release may have had many fearing a stinker, but, if anything, this is an improvement on Annie’s much-acclaimed debut, Anniemal. Don’t Stop bridges the gap between hooky Girls Aloud-style pop (not surprising given the heavy involvement of Xenomania) and something just a couple of notches cooler (see 'Hey Annie' and the title track). Again, one suspects Annie won’t get the record company push she deserves. If she did, she’d be huge. (JD)

Tiger PleaseThey Don’t Change Under Moonlight
Amazing debut mini-album from a young Welsh band which knocks established rivals like Pearl Jam out of the park. (SB)

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