Ten songs about eggs!

Sing Hosanna! It's Easter! So, what to do for my blog? I did think about the resuurection and doing a piece on the multitude of bands getting back together for the nostalgia tours - but that's been done to death. So instead here are my ten favourite songs about eggs.

Flowered Up - Egg Rush
90's baggy indie/dance legends Flowered Up always kept their titles pretty crazy. And every band should really try and write one song about an egg in their career. Sadly their unmistakable frontmen Liam Maher passed away last year, so what better way to remember him than with an 'Egg Rush'.

Wolfmother - Cosmic Egg
I believe the egg in question here is the one that bore the stone monkey that dominated Friday evening television viewing for any children of the seventies. I still have a scar above my right eyebrow from twirling sticks around trying to recreate battle scenes from the show. And what better soundtrack for combat than the mighty Wolfmother?

Ween - Pork Roll Egg and Cheese
Pennsylvania experimental-ists Ween recreate the feeling of taking ketamine in a helium factory with this floaty number from their 1991 album the The Pod. Nutritionist-nazis nowadays would never allow so much protein in a meal - oh how the world has changed.

Autechre - Eggshell
Electro architects Autechre celebrate mother nature's inspired design in their usual low key ambient way. Did you know that the generalized eggshell structure, which varies widely among species, is a protein matrix lined with mineral crystals, usually of a calcium compound such as calcium carbonate? Wikipedia did!

Mr.Bungle - Egg
Mike Patton and chums lay down at the temple of egg with this sprawling epic. It begins as Ska but ends in a very strange place - as is to be expected. Sadly the YouTube video misses the end bit - so you'll have to ask for the album for Easter rather than that giant Toblerone egg you've had your eye on.

Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players - Eggs
These guys might love eggs more than me! Their devotion to our oval chums is touching. It's time to dance around the house singing your own song in praise of all the good things eggs have done for you.

Beastie Boys - Egg Raid On Mojo
The naughty Brooklyn boys chose to hurl eggs and documented the story in seventy seconds of snarling DIY garage punk. I don't know who Mojo is but I hope he hasn't been traumatised by the events - now they are all spiritual and stuff they probably feel really guilty about this.

Tom Waits - Eggs and Sausage
Taken from the amazing Nighthawks At The Diner album Waits sings the menu hoping someone will bring him a snack before his blood sugar level gets too low. I often order eggs and sausage - but the sausages and eggs must be in equal number as there's nothing worse than running out of egg when you still have a sausage left.

Mansun - Egg Shaped Fred
Does anyone remember the 'Dizzy' computer games? They featured an egg shaped protagonist who had to collect various items to do something-or-other (it was a long time ago, okay). I'd like to think this song was penned to him after the band managed to get to the final screen before falling down a hole. Paul Draper - if you are reading this can you confirm?

Mike & Rich - Eggy Toast
Mike (aka µ-ziq) and Rich (aka The Aphex Twin) collectively known as Expert Knob Twiddlers (chortle) fuse samples and sequences to create this sonnet to the joy of Eggy Toast. It's important to make eggy toast in a pan and not the toaster - as this will break the toaster and your mum will shout at you.

So there you have it! Ten songs about eggs (sort of). If I've missed your favourite why not post it below.

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