Skeletor: The Musical aka the Michael Jackson O2 performances...

So, tickets for the Michael Jackson concerts are now available, but what do people expect to see when they arrive at the O2 Arena having spent significant amounts of money?

The Michael Jackson of 20 (or even 10) years ago is no more. That Jackson was a music legend - the 'King of Pop' was a name that suited him and his outlandish performances. However, the years since haven't been kind. Health problems and court cases both had a huge impact on Jackson's career prospects. He's no longer the same man who can string together all of those great dance moves, sing quality songs and blow away any audience.

These ten dates may the last chance anyone will get to see Jackson perform live, and they'll be paying a hefty price for it, but will it actually be worth the effort and investment? I'm not sure I'd want my memories of one of the music scene's greatest talents to be tainted by a flawed live show that is more about rebuilding Michael's trouble financial status rather than putting on something that his fans will enjoy.

Can Michael Jackson live up to the expectations of his fans? Maybe he'll surprise me and put on an unforgettable show...

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