Paper Planes - Doris Day

And so here's the latest from the Say Dirty Records stable, a one part American, three parts Scottish act named Paper Planes. Since Paper Planes started out in January 2009 they've been working away seeing what comes out their melting pot.

With a snap, crackle and pop, a debut single comes out fully formed.

Titled 'Doris Day', it takes the essence of the late 70's New York Punk scene and distils it into a stomping track full of meaty bass runs and scuzzy riffs tailored to the New Jersey drawl and yelps of vocalist Jennifer Paley. The second track 'Restless', takes on Hole at their own game being a peppy rock affair with the "Same old, same old" Chrissie Hynde-like vocal refrain juxtaposed with lingering guitars recalling the heady heights of The Pixies at their finest.

Paper Planes may yet grow arms and legs indeed. We'll see what comes to the boil for their next release.

'Doris Day' is a promising start for a band you don't often see emerging from Glasgow.

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