2010 in Review - The Music Fix

Just a quick post to end what's been an incredibly busy and productive year at The Music Fix.

From an Editorial perspective, we need to thank our small band of writers and photographers for sticking in and coming through with all the content we've carried throughout the year. Everyone has worked extremely hard but it all proved worthwhile with a category win at the BT Digital Music Awards and our first nomination at the Record of the Day Journalism and PR Awards. So much of the groundwork for this eventual success was laid by Steven Burnett and Adrian Mules, so it seems an opportune moment to formally thank them for all the hours they put in and the smarts they brought to things behind the scenes. Without them, etc., etc.

Our thanks also to the labels and PRs we've worked with in 2010. You never know how odd, bizarre and frustrating the music industry can be until you try to genuinely engage with it, but we've met enough honest bods not to give up quite yet. What this means, I suppose, is that TMF will still be around in 2011, bringing you our general mix of news and review coverage in our trademark garish shell. Thanks to you for continuing to hang out with us!

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