2010 in Review #15 - Yeasayer

We run a tight ship at TMF, in terms of staff numbers at least and this perhaps skews things a little when it comes to trying to come up end-of-year lists and what have you. The more people you have involved, the more likely it is that a trend will emerge and that certain albums will come up again and again. So our lists tend to be a broader overview of some of the things we've liked, rather than a definitive, nailed down list that tries to argue this was the best album of the year.

If we'd run the 'best of' review back in March, then Yeasayer would've been running away with the plaudits. It had dropped away come year end, but it still had its champions in the back room and it's still there or thereabouts. Satisfyingly odd, defiantly progressive, surprisingly accessible.

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