Meet The Digital Fix Team

Colin Polonowski

Owner / Publisher / Gaming and Geek:Life Interim Editor

As the publisher of The Digital Fix, I manage the day-to-day direction of all areas of the site, from the content sections right through the forums. I am also the technical lead which means I ensure everything works as expected and any software changes are coded by my own hands! I occasionally contribute to all areas, but in general leave the specific area management to the people who know what they're doing. I am the main contact point for anyone who wants to discuss advertising, licensing, syndication and anything else at a business-level.

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Hel Harding-Jones

Film Editor

Cinephile. Empath Demon. Wonder Woman. Bookworm. Lover of beetroot. As Managing Editor, I oversee all content on the film side of TDF and contribute as often as I can. I enjoy all aspects of film but especially Horror, World Cinema, and Silent/Studio-era Hollywood.

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Baz Greenland

TV Editor

I'm the TV Editor for The Digital Fix, so naturally I watch and write about a lot TV! My favourite shows are Buffy, The West Wing and Hannibal but I'm a huge fan of numerous shows and have recently written extensively about Twin Peaks and The X Files, revisiting old episodes as the shows celebrate their revivals.You can also follow me on The X Cast, where I regularly talk all things X Files and on Facebook where you can like my page Baz Greenland Writer.

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Max Mazonowicz

Music Editor

I'm the stubble and banjo guy. Interviewed Sturgill, Maddie & Tae, Angaleena, Margo, Jason Aldean, Richard Fairbrass, David Gray, and a whole bunch of others. You'll see me at plenty of gigs in the South. Twitter me up if you want to chat

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Luciano Howard

I'm the Editor of Gaming @ The Digital Fix. If you mention Dark Souls to me I will wax lyrical for hours, so be warned.

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Peter Taylor

My first gaming memories are playing Odd Job Eddy on the Spectrum +2 and from that point on I was hooked. Owned various consoles and PC variants and when I'm not looking after my two kids or working I'm most likely gaming.

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Julien Bassignani

Home Cinema Lead

I am a French film buff who has been living in London since 2008. Cinema has always been my passion and I am particularly fond of movies from the 40s to the 70s. My favorite directors are Alfred Hitchcock, Henri-Georges Clouzot, Jean-Pierre Melville, Claude Chabrol, Roman Polanski, Brian de Palma and John Carpenter. I'm currently Home Cinema Lead for The Digital Fix.

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Ben Pinsent


My name is Ben Pinsent, I am an amateur film critic and academic. I write a lot of film reviews here as well as for my blog, and for Somer Valley FM.

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Steven Sheehan

Cinema Lead

I am the Cinema Lead at The Digital Fix and when I’m not watching far too many films, I spend my time aimlessly drifting across the Holomovement. Originally an East Londoner, I now live where the grass is green and the people are strange. You can find me on Twitter @st_sheehan doing stuff.

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Sarah Miles

Writer. Film obsessive. Lover. Fighter. Just a London based lady trying to make her way in the world.

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Mari Jones

Film Reviewer

Writer, avid filmmaker and all around nerd. I’m a resident film reviewer for The Digital Fix, and I also write my own blog (square-eyed-geek) about anything and everything film or TV related. Obsessed with horror, Marvel and Tarantino, not necessarily in that order. Follow me on Twitter @squareeyedgeek.

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Dominic Hemy

The resident writer of all things extreme and experimental. Also enjoys a good beer on occasion.

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Thad Velasquez

Thad Velasquez is a writer and film fan, and author of the blog

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Emma Lauren Roberts

I'm here covering all your indie/alternative music and keeping you updated with music news.

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Lou Thomas

Lou is the Digital Production Editor of and has written for The Guardian, Time Out, and Little White Lies. He tweets as @London_Lou and doubts your commitment to Sparkle Motion.

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Jonathan Tranter

My name is Jonathan Tranter, and you can find me on Twitter. Thanks!

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Alistair Ryder

writer of film/TV reviews and features!

Alistair has been writing about film and TV for three years at a number of websites, most notably Film Inquiry and Gay Essential. He's also a member of GALECA (the Gay and Lesbian Entertainment Critics Association), and once interviewed Woody Harrelson, which he will probably tell you about extensively, whether you want to hear about it, or not.

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Steven Slatter

TV Reviewer

Mechanical Engineer by trade, father of two, huge cinephile and general nerd. Currently reviewing The Flash and Start Wars Rebels.

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Jason Coles

As well as being into gaming I play and occasionally write about Magic: the Gathering and am a perpetual guest to many of my talented friends and their YouTube channels and Podcasts.

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Nikki Thomas

I'm Nikki, 21, and i suffer from PTSD as a result of a serious accident i had when i was 19. My favourite thing to do in life is game either on my PC or PS4. And if i'm not doing this you can find me admiring my car, rocking out to punk or metal music or taking photos of my dog for her instagram.My favourite games include - Overwatch, The Tomb Raider series (old and new), the Sims 3 and Kingdoms and Castles.

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Benedict Seal


Freelance entertainment journalist for the likes of Film School Rejects, Bloody Disgusting and

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Holly Brockwell


Holly is a gadget addict, tech journalist and supergeek. When she's not unboxing shiny things, she's mostly trying to keep her pet birds and cats from annihilating each other. Follow her on Twitter: @holly.

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Becky Grace Lea

I am usually to be found with my nose stuck in a book or watching a film and on odd occasions, I write about them too. You can find me on Twitter @beckygracelea

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