Henry Cavill wants a role in rumoured Mass Effect TV series

Henry Cavill says that "he would love" to be apart of a Mass Effect TV series, but only if it is done right

Henry Cavill wants a role in rumoured Mass Effect TV series

After starring as Geralt in Netflix‘s adaptation of The Witcher, it looks like Henry Cavill has set his sights on another videogame adaptation. In a recent interview with GamesRadar, the star revealed that he “would love” to be a part of Amazon Prime’s rumoured live-action take on the hit sci-fi RPG, Mass Effect – if certain conditions are met.

On November 23, 2021, it was reported that Amazon Prime Video was nearing a deal to develop a TV series based on the Mass Effect videogame franchise from Electronic Arts. This was to further the platform’s hold on adapting popular IP’s for its streaming service after securing Wheel of Time, and the upcoming Lord of the Rings series. However, no Mass Effect TV series is officially in development just yet. However, that hasn’t stopped Cavill from throwing his hat into the ring already.

When asked if he’d be down to be a part of a live-action Mass Effect show, Cavill responded, saying: “Very much so, yeah.” The star then went on to clarify that his potential participation in the rumoured series is “all depending on how they’re executing it.”

“The world of adaptation can be heavy or light. When I like a product, I prefer the adaptation to be less changed from the source, so it all depends,” Cavill explained. “I think it’s found a home, hasn’t it? If [the series] finds a home, I would love to have a conversation … I did not play Andromeda – I had a go at it but ended up being very busy. But [The Mass Effect Trilogy]? Yeah. Loved it. Brilliant games. It would make such a magnificent series of movies or TV shows.”

Cavill’s love for videogames and RPG’s is no surprise. The star has openly expressed his love for Warhammer, and World of Warcraft in the past. In fact, Cavill almost missed the call that told him he’d be Superman in the DCEU due to being too busy playing videogames – if that isn’t commitment, then I don’t know what is.

We will have to wait and see if Henry Cavil gets a role in Amazon’s Mass Effect TV series or if a new Mass Effect show gets made anytime soon at all. In the meantime, fans can see the actor tossing coins and slaying demons in The Witcher season 2, which hits Netflix on December 19.