Ryan Reynolds pitched Disney a Deadpool and Bambi crossover movie

Ryan Reynolds reveals his crossover pitch to Disney

Everyone knows that Marvel studio’s loves their crossovers, but what would happen if the animated world of Bambi met Deadpool? In a recent interview with IGN, Ryan Reynolds revealed he once pitched a Deadpool crossover film with the classic Disney movie, where the anti-hero fangirls over the most despicable character in cinematic history – the hunter who shot Bambi’s mom.

In promoting his latest action movie Free Guy, the world saw a short film of Reynolds as the famous anti-hero reacting to the movie’s trailer with Thor’s Korg (Taika Waititi). But apparently, this wasn’t Reynolds first idea for a short film cross over. The actor’s initial pitch to the studio followed Deadpool interrogating the hunter who shot Bambi’s mother – also known as the character responsible for giving us one of the most traumatic Disney moments of all time.

“I wanted to do a short film of Deadpool interrogating the hunter who killed Bambi’s mom,” Reynolds said. “But the whole gist of it is that Deadpool is actually just a huge fan. He’s not interrogating — he just wants to know how he could be the most loathed Disney character in the history of Disney… and of course, Disney was like, ‘well, I don’t think that’s ever going to happen.'”

Disney’s decision to reject the idea makes sense as it probably wouldn’t be the most marketable way to introduce Deadpool into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Although Deadpool 3, which is currently in development, is reported to be R-rated, the majority of Marvel’s films are strictly PG.

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“However, the Free Guy reaction teaser with Waititi proves that Disney and Marvel are open to using the violent character, and suggests Deadpool may cameo across the multiverse as we head into phase four of the MCU. We won’t hold our breath for a Disney movie appearance, but you never know.

Ryan Reynolds and Taika Waititi both star in Free Guy, a videogame movie set to release on August 13 in the UK and US. For more heart-racing fun, check out our list of the best adventure movies.