M3GAN 2 release date, plot, cast, and more news

Here's the tea on the M3GAN 2 release date, telling you when you can expect the latest horror movie icon to be dancing through your local cinema.

M3GAN 2 release date

When is the M3GAN 2 release date? With January release dates being the graveyard shift of cinema, it’s safe to say that nobody really expected M3GAN, a horror film about a murderous AI companion doll, to do as well as it did.

But thanks to the magic of social media memes and the doll’s new-found status as a LGBTQ+ icon, the slasher movie surpassed all expectations. The film, which had a $12 million budget, amasased $30 million in its opening weekend alone, making the quirky Blumhouse Productions flick one of the most exciting new movies of 2023.

Given how the thriller movie has proven itself as a money-making machine with huge franchise potential, a M3GAN sequel feels, in a lot of ways, inevitable. The good news is, director Gerard Johnston has already revealed that he’s more than down to direct a sequel to the best movie ever (yeah, we said it) — saying to Variety, “How can I not be?”. The M3GAN ending even provides scope for how a sequel could happen, so with all that in mind, we’re looking forward to a potential M3GAN 2 release date

M3GAN 2 release date speculation

The M3GAN 2 release date is Friday, January 17 2025. This was announced in January 2023, mere weeks after the first movie opened. It looks like Jason Blum and James Wan will be banking on having another January hit on their hands.

Things were already looking optimistic, with the New York Times reporting that a sequel was in the works given the first film’s success, while insiders told Deadline that a sequel had been “fast-tracked.” Let’s just hope the 2023 Writers Strike doesn’t delay things.

m3gan 2 release date: m3gan ear scene

M3GAN 2 plot speculation

The M3GAN 2 plot will likely centre around the doll taking over Gemma’s smart home system. The last scene in the first horror movie hints that M3GAN’s programming is still active. Although her body is destroyed, her ‘soul’ still exists and is still capable of causing havoc.

The first film already establishes that M3GAN can interfere with nearby devices —and since she appears to be inhabiting Gemma’s home devices, she and Cady may well continue to be her targets in the next film. If this happens, it’ll probably be one of two scenarios: either M3GAN is still committed to “protecting” Cady by any means possible, or she wants revenge on her and Gemma for trying to support her.

M3GAN 2 release date

Is there a M3GAN 2 trailer?

Sorry, there isn’t a trailer for M3GAN 2 just yet. But the trailer for the first movie remains iconic, so treat yourself to a rewatch below!

YouTube Thumbnail

M3GAN 2 cast speculation

Returning M3GAN cast members so far have been confirmed:

  • Allison Williams as Gemma
  • Violet McGraw as Cady

m3gan 2 release date: m3gan staring

Can I watch M3GAN 2?

It’s too early days to watch M3GAN 2, but here are all the ways you can watch M3GAN.

Because the film is on digital release, you can buy or rent it on Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV Plus and the like. Or, if you’ve subscribed to Peacock, you’re in luck — it’s already available to watch on the streaming service.

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