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Pathfinder: Kingmaker Review

Balance problems detract from what is an otherwise solid game

From Laputa to Ponoc: The Evolution of Studio Ghibli - Part Two

Zoe concludes her Studio Ghibli retrospective in Part Two

Blu-ray Review: Doctor Who - The Collection: Season 12

The start of Tom Baker's seven years as The Doctor, the five stories of Season 12 kick off a classic era of the show, and are now released on Blu-ray.

It Happened Here Review

Released by the BFI in dual-format, It Happened Here is a remarkable alternate history, known as much for the story behind its eight-year production as for its own merits.

Interview with film and TV composer Kris Bowers

Baz Greenland talks to composer Kris Bowers about his work on everything from Dear White People, to Q-Tip, Michelin star chefs and the Obamas...

Woodfall - A Revolution in British Cinema: The Knack...and How to Get It Review

The middle of Richard Lester's three major Sixties films, The Knack won Woodfall the Palme d'Or at Cannes. It has been somewhat controversial since, though most of it is still very funny and inventive.

Woodfall - A Revolution in British Cinema: Tom Jones Review

Based on Henry Fielding's novel, Tom Jones saw Woodfall going back in history with great success, winning four Oscars including Best Picture.

Heimat Review

Edgar Reitz's epic of German history of most of the twentieth century in a small German village, made for television but also released in cinemas, is a masterpiece of both the large screen and the small.

The Japan Foundation Touring Film Programme 2018 (Part I)

Japan Foundation Touring Film Programme <br /> 2 Feb - 28 Mar 2018

End of Year Television Review: The Highlights of 2017

The Digital Fix writers look at the highlights of another year of television. Did your favourite show make the cut?

The Best Films of 2017

Read on to find out what the film writers at The Digital Fix believe are the best films from the past 12 months