Samsung sets out to impress with Galaxy Note 10.1 promo

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is nearly here, the 10.1" stylus-equipped tablet is poised to arrive on UK shelves by the end of the month and it's looking very impressive. Watching the productivity features in the video above suggests to us that the South Korean giant are taking an early shot across Microsoft's bow with some great multi-tasking features on show.

The 5 inch Note was a surprise success, and with the large screen big brother, Samsung appear to be taking tablets very seriously indeed. The only real negative we've seen with the Note 10.1 so far is the comparatively low res screen now that we're seeing retina and near-retina displays on other tabs; and with the split-screen displays on show above high resolution could make all the difference.

The Samsung Galaxy Note looks like it could be the first non Google/ASUS tablet to feature Jellybean (Android 4.1) too...

Given our love for the New iPad, it pains us to say that the Note 10.1 is making iOS look like a 'Playskool' OS!

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