Hate-monger Katie Hopkins flies to Prague to collect a fake award - and then does a speech to demonstrate just why she deserved it

Katie Hopkins - who was recently suspended from Twitter while they investigate her hate-spreading account - was recently the recipient of an award from 'The Cape Town Collective For Freedom Of Speech'. Or so she thought - the only problem was the group was as fake as the award itself.

The plan, dreamt up by Youtuber Josh Pieters, would see Hopkins contacted by email to inform her that she was the recipient of the fake award and then the copious planning of the event at which it would be presented to her. Pieters hired a room in a Prague hotel and brought in actors to play the parts of other members of the group.

While this all might seem a bit cruel if you're not aware of the depths to which Hopkins has sunk to spread her warped view of the world and it's people - she hates pretty much everyone that isn't herself - she then went on to give a speech accepting the award that demonstrated exactly why she was the target of this prank - a talk that attacked muslims, homosexuals, those with mental illness and a huge range of other offensive subjects. She's not a nice person.

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