Virgin launches Multi Room streaming

In a first for a UK Pay TV provider Virgin Media has enabled its Tivo products multi room streaming capability. What is multi room streaming I hear you ask?

Well if you have two or more Tivos you can now watch content that were recorded on one Tivo on the other. So if you have recorded the latest episode of your favourite show in the living room but want to watch it in the bedroom you now can. In fact you can start watching a program in your living room stop it and resume from the exact same spot from your other Tivo.

All the Tivo boxes in your home need to be networked and connected to a router and as the current Tivo hardware does not include WiFi you will need to connect them via Ethernet or Homeplugs. Performance is pretty swift including rewinding and forwarding and works really well. The list of channels that allow recorded programmes to be streamed is currently very small but expect this to grow overtime.

Source Virgin Media

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