Vdio previews new online movie and film service

The folks behind music streaming service Rdio have been working away behind the scenes on Vdio, a new way to buy, rent and share movies and TV shows.

A preview of the service is now available for existing Rdio subscribers, and Rdio paid subscribers can redeem £20 to use on Vdio, completely free of charge. The preview service will also be available on the Vdio app, which will be going live any minute now - if it hasn't already.

Movie titles already on the service include Argo, Skyfall, The Dark Knight Rises, Brave, Prometheus and Lawless. TV shows include Mad Men, Downtown Abbey, Homeland and Breaking Bad. TV shows will be available the day after they air and you can subscribe to seasons at a discount.

Vdio currently works on the Web and iPad, with other devices and platforms in the plan.

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