Three new budget Android tabs

Chinese manufacturer, Gemini Devices, have brought three of their bargain priced Android tabs to the market.

The 7, 8 and 10 inch tabs ship with Android 4 (ICS) as standard with capacitive multi-touch screens. They all sport reasonable resolutions - 800x480 on the 7", 800x600 on the 8" and 1024x768 on the 10" - none are iPad bothering and none will therefore offer full 1080p HD, but we weren't expecting retina displays at this price point anyway.


We can also expect 4GB, 8GB and 16GB on-board storage with the option to upgrade via SD to 32GB. All three tabs come with 802.11g wifi and mini-HDMI along with two cameras - the 0.3MP front-facing and 2MP rear-facing lens. None of this is industry leading stuff, but at prices starting at £130 for the 7" creeping up to £200 for the 10" we're not going to complain.

You can order your preferred Gemini JoyTAB from Amazon and Argos right now.

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