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Hello. I have been a reader and user of The Digital Fix for some time and devour various bits and pieces from it on a regular basis.

I have worked in some businesses advising, creating and monetizing audio content over the last 15 years and thought that my fellow readers of The Digital Fix may enjoy The Digital Audio Fix.

How do digital audio producers deal with old media?

Two fascinating podcasts to start with; the first is called The Stack and forms part of the programming on the new internet radio station Monocle 24.

The magazine, Monocle is a thick tome, encompassing a all things business, culture, design and ‘affairs’ delivering a sort of life and style bible that no one can afford and could be perceived as aloof. The programming on the sister radio station, however, make this aspirational lifestyle more accessible. Accessible in a good way.


Some of the features of the radio station are a touch old fashioned – have a listen to a three minute weather forecast that covers the entire globe – but when the programming grasps a tight focus it delivers superbly.

The Stack is one such example, each week Tyler Brule, (FT columnist and Editor-in-Chief of Monocle) invites 3 luminaries from the world of print and publishing to discuss their favourite magazines and newspapers.

In addition, reports and publications are inserted for discussion from far flung corners of the globe – Gather Journal and The American Reader have both been featured.

Discussion points and regular themes include how tough it is to get a personality into a tablet application / version of a magazine when compared to the printed versions. Some discussions on different types of paper were more for industry purists.

In short, the programme broadens your horizons of print titles and allows us to listen to enthusiasts and experts enthusing.

You can stream it at Monocle 24, or download it from iTunes

If this sounds like too much detail on one subject , then a comprehensive digest of news from the US that I occasionally turn to is KCRW’s To The Point with Warren Olney .


Short – to the point (!) – discussions on issues in the news from a US perspective are dealt with adeptly by Olney. The way he drives his guests to get to their most salient points and steers the discussion is first class.

A recent edition discussed the future for newspapers

Whilst some of the insight was very US Focused (discussing local US newspapers) the debate was prefaced with an introduction from Alexandra Suich, Media Editor from The Economist.

The podcast is dry – limited humour, limited panache, but if you are interest in a listen on a topic in the news from a US perspective and your goal in efficient comprehension of an issue, this delivers.

You can go the KCRW website or download from iTunes

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