Ten reasons why we think Google+ is better than Facebook

Facebook may be the dominant social network, but that doesn't mean it's the best. Obviously a social network lives or (more often) dies by the number of people that are active and even now Google+ struggles in comparison. There are a number of things that still make it our favourite of the social sites...

1. Circles
The whole concept behind Google+ Circles is perfect - they're core to the Google+ experience rather than an afterthought (Facebook Lists - we're looking at you). They enable you to group your contacts how YOU want to and you can then choose how you share your content - allowing you to target specific circles of contacts or even individual people quickly and easily. It's a more intuitive system than any of Google+ competitors and puts you in charge of your own privacy

2. Hangouts
Hangouts may have now spread outside of Google+, but they were born there and as Hangouts spiritual home we think Google+ deserves the kudos. Chat with your circles making use of video, text and sound in ways that other similar collaborative chat options can only dream. Facebook Chat has nothing on the power or flexiblity that Hangouts provide

3. Better Apps
Facebook Home? Who needs an ugly Android skin when you have the beatifully streamline Google+ app. The Android and iOS apps are well designed, usable and most importantly allow you to do almost anything you want.

4. It makes search better
Every +1 you click makes your Google searches more relevant, more targetted and more accurate. The whole +1 system is now incorporated into Google's search from the ground up and while some may argue that sharing your life via Google might be a worry, there's no denying that by improving the search giant's knowledge about you does make your internet experience far more rounded and useful.

5. Photos look nicer
Not only can you set your mobile device to automatically sync your photos with Google+ (privately) as a simple backup option, you can also view them in all sorts of different ways and photos are just presented so much more cleanly than on Facebook.

6. Fewer ads
It's madness given Google is one big advertising warehouse, but for the most part Google+ is ad-free. It's surprisingly liberating to view a social network that provides relevant posts to you without deluging you with massively targetted ads that take into account everything from your age to your sexual orientation. Google+ does give them lots of data on you to target ads at you, but they rarely, if ever do it on Google+ itself.

7. Less intrusive game-related posts
Facebook is overflowing with posts promoting Candy Crush, Farmville and all sorts of social-network driven free games. It's rare that you'll log into the site and NOT have a notification telling you a friend has spammed you with a request to join them. This doesn't happen on Google+ and is as big a selling point as you can get!

8. Communities and Pages
The Pages and more recently, Communities on Google+ are much better than their Facebook equivalents. Whereas FB often only show a snapshot of the content from the pages you like Google+ treats a page as it does one of your contacts allowing you to categorise them within your circles. Not only do you get shown all of the relevant updates, you can present them within any context you like.

9. You can follow anyone!
You can add anyone to your circles and can see any of their public updates - you don't have to be friends with them and there doesn't have to be a two way link. Likewise, anyone can follow you and see your public updates. If you want to share things JUST with people you have in your circles then you can do that too.

10. It doesn't have Facebook's privacy minefield
Google might not be the first place you consider when it comes to maintaining your privacy, but compared to Facebook they're positively angelic. There aren't pages of privacy settings - you effectively decide the privacy level of each and every post you make - it's intuitive and foolproof in a way that Facebook can never hope to match.

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