StoryBundle: Pay what you want for indie books

If you've got an ebook reader you know that ebooks can be just as expensive as their paper counterparts. Luckily it's not too difficult to read for free (or almost free) if you know where to look.

StoryBundle is a new digital bookstore that allows independent authors to self-publish their work and sell it direct to the reader. It's the latest 'pay what you want' service that allow consumers to set the price they pay for a product.

It works like this. Each month StoryBundle offers a bundle of up to seven books, written by independent authors. You can preview the books on the site and if you want to buy them you choose the price you want to pay. Not only that, but you can even specify what percentage of your money goes to charity, to StoryBundle and to the authors. The books are DRM free too and come in both .epub and .mobi formats, so you can put them any device.

StoryBundle is a bold experiment in digital publishing that represents a slap in the face to the commercial book publishing industry which still favours heavy-handed DRM in ebook offerings. It's also a great way for budding authors to get their books out to readers.

StoryBundle launched last week and is already claiming to have made 2000 sales, so it's definitely one to watch!

Click here to visit StoryBundle

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