Steve Sinofsky leaves Microsoft

He may not be a household name but Steve Sinofsky has been the guiding light behind Windows in recent years and is responsible for bringing Windows 8 and Windows RT to market. Windows super blogger Paul Thurrott’s published a letter that Sinofsky penned to Microsoft employees outlining his reasons for leaving.

In his letter Sinofsky cites that it is time to move on to other challenges after 23 years with the Redmond giant but there have been rumours in the last few months that other executives at Microsoft were finding it very difficult to get along with Sinofsky and that working relationships were becoming untenable.

Whichever way you look at it a high level executive never just leaves a company without a period of transition without there being some major upheaval behind the scenes. Julia Larson-Green will take control of Windows software and hardware engineering while Tami Reller will assume responsibility for the Windows business.

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