Some Dropbox users email addresses stolen...

In a blog post, Dropbox have confirmed that the have suffered a hack. The company started investigating after some users started complaining of spam emails being sent to addresses only registered against the cloud file storage site.

The good news is that although there has been unauthorised access to Dropbox data, it was as a result of hacks against other sites - effectively a Dropbox employee had used the same email address and password on another site and it was within their Dropbox folder that a list of customer email addresses was stored. Dropbox own security hasn't been breached.

Questions do need to be asked as to WHY sensitive user data was stored within a Dropbox folder of an unnamed employee and it's disappointing that an employee of a company that is trusted with our data doesn't use more sensible criteria for selecting their login details on multiple sites.

So, briefly - yes, some email addresses have been compromised but not via a traditional hack and the security of MOST users Dropbox accounts is maintained.

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