Samsung Galaxy S3 will be with us in May!

The long mooted Samsung Galaxy S3 is finally going to be revealed on 3rd May - if rumours around this invite are to be believed.


We've been expecting the announcement of the new Galaxy S3 since before MWC earlier this year, but Samsung have kept us waiting. Now these invites have gone out announcing a new addition to the Galaxy line-up and all serious money is it being on a new iteration of their flagship Android handset.

The previous phone was a pack leader, but this time around the new handset will go up against the likes of the HTC One X which is currently the leading Android device so the S3 will have to really impress us. All signs are good - with rumours suggesting an even better screen than the S2, a quad-core Tegra 3 processor and a 12megapixel camera. The S2 had a 8MP camera which was remarkably good, so an upgrade to this will be very special indeed.

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