Ruark go retro with new stereo system

Ruark Audio go back to the future with this great looking piece of audio kit, that might make older readers get misty-eyed about their grandparents' old radiogram.

The £2000 R7 adds wireless streaming to a 2.1 stereo system and supports Bluetooth, DLNA streaming (integrated wifi), DAB, FM and internet radio and will even play your CDs.

Connections-wise there are two stereo analogue inputs, a digital optical and a digital coaxial input. You can also charge your tablet and smartphone through a dedicated port.

The speaker system is powered by two 5.5in dual concentric drivers, a tweeter mounted centrally within the mid-bass driver, and an 8" long throw sub-woofer.

Those legs come off by the way, if you prefer to mount the system on another piece of furniture.

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