More Galaxy Tab 2 delays

Samsung have once again delayed the release of their 10.1 inch tablet, the Galaxy Tab 2, this time due to a last minute change to the platform's hardware.

Eyebrows were raised with earlier delays being blamed on trouble getting Android's Ice Cream Sandwich working effectively, but this time around Samsung have opted to make a significant upgrade replacing the previously announced dual core processor with an unspecified quad core. The 10.1 inch Galaxy Note is also getting the same spec boost.

Given that Samsung's 7 inch tabs are unaffected and will still ship with dual core CPUs it could be that the pump in screensize and resolution may have had an unacceptable impact on performance.

More processor grunt is always good news, but it's very late in the day given the tablet's already tardy reputation! We're still waiting to find out when the UK public will finally get their hands on this potential iPad beater!

Source: Netbook News

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