Live coverage of Apple's Special Event

Apple have scheduled a media event for this evening, taking place at in San Jose at 10am PST (6PM UK time).

At it, they're expected to announce a new smaller version of their hugely successful iPad. They'll almost certainly announce other things during the event, rumours suggest a 13 inch retina MacBook Pro, possibly a new iMac or Mac Mini, and a new version of their ebook software iBooks.

Apple previously announced iTunes 11 with a statement of "October" availability, so there's a good chance today will see the launch of Apple's revised music/app/book/video management software.

We'll be following along with other reports online and adding our own commentary here, so please join us at 6PM to find out exactly what Apple have in store.

Updated 13:25pm It appears Apple will be streaming the event to Apple TV devices. So technology permitting we will be able to bring you our very own take on the live sequence of events.

Event Updates (hit refresh to see new content)

19:13pm Tim's wrapping up. Thanking everyone for coming and encouraging hands on. So that's it. No iTunes 11 launch (or at least, mention), but a surprise new iMac and some cool new Apple hardware. Thanks for reading!

19:12pm "A prolific year of innovation for Apple".

19:11pm Tim's recapping their achievements so far this year, and the things announced today.

19:10pm Back to Tim for wrap up, or one more thing?

19:09pm Great iPad mini advert featuring the two models and Garageband.

19:07pm $329 for the 16gb wifi model. (that's £206 at today's exchange rate, but there'll be VAT to pay...I'd say £250 for the base model).

19:06pm Back to Phil. Any chance of a "one more thing"?

19:05pm New smart cover outed in the video. Doesn't use a metallic hinge any more, the whole thing is coated in fabric.

19:02pm Rolling the Jonny Ive video now. White background, catchy music, you know the style.

19:00pm A5 CPU in the iPad Mini. So the same as the iPad 2 today. FaceTime camera (the HD version), 5mp camera on the back (same as the Touch, presumably), LTE, 5ghz N wifi, and of course the lightning connector.

18:59pm In with the scaled up phone apps dig again.

18:58pm Comparing the visible space on a website between Nexus and iPad. Lots more visible area on the iPad Mini, but then, it's bigger!

18:57pm Nexus apparently thicker and heavier. Bet they don't mention the PPI.

18:56pm Direct comparison with the Nexus 7. This could get ugly.

18:54pm Screen: 7.9 inches. 1024 x 768. Very much not retina then.

18:54pm Comes in black.

18:53pm In the flesh, it looks like a little iPad. Who'd have thought! More information coming...

18:52pm Kind of looks like a big iPod Touch.

18:52pm It's a little iPad! Confirmed: it's the iPad Mini.

18:51pm No mention of weight though...

18:50pm Seriously powerful internals, new FaceTime camera, expanded LTE, better wifi, lightning connector. USB, SD, VGA, HDMI lightning adaptors.

18:49pm 4th generation iPad.

18:48pm Phil Schiller back to actually show us something.

18:47pm Now to iPads in business.

18:46pm New version of iBooks Author coming. Multi-touch widgets, auto updates. Sounds cool. Available today.

18:43pm Moving on to the iPad in education.

18:43pm He is.

18:42pm Tell us why Tim...

18:42pm "People love their iPads".

18:41pm iPads... 2 weeks ago Apple sold their 100 millionth iPad.

18:40pm Mac announcements over. On to...what?

18:38pm Base model is $1299, $1799 for the 27 inch.

18:36pm Introducing the Apple Fusion Drive: available in the Mac Mini and the iMac. 128gb flash storage, plus 1TB or 3TB HDD. Automatically moves the apps and files you use most onto the flash storage. It's not a new concept, but it's new for Apple.

18:35pm Nvidia Kepler graphics.

18:34pm 75% less reflection than the old model.

18:33pm The old iMac looks extremely clunky next to the new one. It appears they've applied the techniques learned on their mobile devices to their flagship desktop device.

18:28pm Uses "friction stir welding". Naturally...

18:31pm Ludicrously thin. The design is essentially the same but super thin. Chubbier in the middle, but it looks really slick. Specs coming up.

18:28pm And to the iMac... Introducing the 8th generation iMac. And it's stunning.

18:28pm The worlds most energy efficient desktop (still).

18:27pm Dual or quad CPU, Intel 4000. $599 buys you the 2.5ghz i5 with 500gb of storage.

18:26pm "Something for nearly everyone" says Schiller, of the MacBook lineup. And now to the Mac Mini. "You knew there'd be something called mini in the presentation didn't you" says Phil.

18:25pm And there's an advert. Bet it's got music. And a voiceover.

18:23pm Schiller is going over a large number of things we already know (power nap, retina, and innovative features like "speakers"). Pricing: 2.5ghz i5 is $1699.

18:19pm 13 inch retina MBP has 2560x1600 display.

18:18pm Brand new 13" MacBook Pro. .75 inches thin. 20% thinner than the previous model. Weighs 3.5 lbs. Lightest MacBook Pro ever. It has ports. Lots of ports.

18:17pm Lots of quotes about how great the retina MacBook Pro is.

18:16pm Phil Schiller on stage to talk Macs.

18:15pm Now talking about the Mac. Brace yourselves, stats incoming.

18:14pm Free download, new iBooks available today.

18:12pm Tim talking through new iBooks features.

18:11pm iBooks... 1.5 million books on the store. 400 million books downloaded.

18:11pm Ah, the obligatory dig at Android Tablet apps "these aren't just stretched out smartphone apps", as the number of iPad apps is mentioned.

18:09pm 300 billion iMessages sent so far. Including that one I just sent.

18:08pm 200 million iOS 6 devices so far.

18:07pm iPod stats from Tim. 3 million new iPod units shipped. Exciting stuff will follow, rest assured.

18:06pm Video ends, back to Cook. Certainly seems like that iPhone 5 launch went well, eh?

18:04pm Cook is going over the iPhone 5 launch, showing a video of the various launch events.

18:00pm Tim Cook is on stage. Let's begin!

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