LG's insanely massive ultraHD TV

LG is the latest electronics manufacturer to unveil it’s first so-called UltraHD TV, following similar (albeit smaller) next generation sets by Toshiba and Panasonic.

You might be hard-pressed to find a living room large enough for the massive 84” set, but if you can and if you can afford to spend the price of a car on a TV, you’ll get a display capable of 4K technology. That is four times the resolution of current 1080p sets.

We can’t say this is likely to be a big seller given the price and there’s nothing out there that really takes advantage of the 4K format, but what it does do is give LG a foothold into a next-gen market and shows it shows where the industry is headed over the next decade.

What UltraHD could ultimately mean for consumers is not only a major increase in image quality, but also much larger displays. As Daniel Simmons from IHS Screen Digest told the BBC:

“…it is worth recognising that many people only upgraded their televisions from CRT [cathode ray tube] models in order to have a larger flatscreen model - the high-definition feature was not the primary motivator.

"4K allows people to have even bigger screens in their homes and it may be the screen size, rather than the resolution itself, that makes it attractive."

LG’s new TV has just gone on sale in South Korea and is set to launch worldwide in September.

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