Kirk's magnificent weapon raises the roof

Tech and tat collided yesterday as Captain Kirk's phaser weapon from the second pilot of the 1960s Star Trek series sold for £151,000 at auction. The phaser racked up more than four times the original estimate including commission, Julien's Auctions said. The lot was accompanied by a letter from show creator Gene Roddenberry to toy inventor Reuben Klamer, dated March 16, 1966 as well as a number of black and white Polaroid photographs and sketches of the weapon.

The prop laser gun - which could stun, kill or entirely vaporise baddies - was part of a two-day "Hollywood Legends" sale that also included all kinds of crap from sci-fi TV and movies including Stargate, Lord of the Rings, Alien and Star Wars as well as bits and pieces from modern films such as Mission Impossible.

The alien survey buggy seen aboard the Nostromo in the first Alien flick sold for $10,625, while the complete Anubis costume from the movie version of Stargate, worn by Carlos Lauchu, sold for $16,250. Christopher Reeve's superhero costume from Superman IV raised $25,600.

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