Kindle Paperwhite launches in UK

Amazon’s Kindle launch event last month may have left UK customers feeling a bit neglected – with several of the new devices seemingly not being released in the UK, but Kindle fans can rejoice today as Amazon announced today that the Kindle Paperwhite, the latest version of its popular e-reader will be on sale in the UK from October 25th.

The Kindle’s e-ink screens are great for reading in daylight but if you want to read at night you have to buy a booklight. The Kindle Paperwhite promises to change this by offering a patented built-in light that evenly lights the screen without the glare of a backlight.

The new e-ink screen apparently offers a 25% higher contrast display and 62% more pixel density. What’s more surprising perhaps is that the Kindle Paperwhite still promises a battery life of up to 8 weeks, even with the light switched on.

If true, that’s pretty impressive! We’ve not had a chance to have a play with the new Kindle, but if we do, you’ll hear about it right here. In the meantime read more.

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