Kindle Colour expected by Christmas

Two completely independent sources have today given strong hints that a colour e-ink Kindle is going to be hitting Amazon's virtual shelves by the end of the year. A report on 'as often wrong as right' Taiwan-based news site, Digitimes, mentioned but not linked to by The Register, cites unnamed "Taiwanese contract-manufacturer moles" in their claim that a full colour e-ink display with a multi-touch overlay will be coming our way in the second half of the year.

Almost simultaneously, an Amazon insider tells us that not only can we expect the Kindle Fire on UK shores this year, but an entirely NEW Kindle device will be released in major markets in the US and Europe by Christmas. When pressed they went on to suggest that it'll be an e-ink based piece of hardware that is "significantly better" than anything we've seen before and will enable the Kindle to "beat any tablet out there for both text and graphics reproduction of the printed word".

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