Internet Explorer 6 now less than 1% of US browser market!

Microsoft are trumpeting the news that their aging Internet Explorer browser has now dropped below 1% usage in the US! IE6 is considered the bane of any web developer's lives - making seemingly simple jobs a complex and time-consuming activity of bug fixing and work arounds for the browser's poor support of web standards and "unique" ways of rendering HTML and styles.

Many organisations are still stuck on systems that ONLY work in IE6 or earlier and that is one of the big problems that Microsoft have been fighting against as they attempt to encourage users to upgrade to better, more secure versions of their software.


The worldwide average IE6 usage sits at 7.7%, the leading country in reducing the software's market share is Norway with just 0.2% of their internet users stuck in the dark ages. The country bringing up the rear is China with a massive 25.2% of Chinese computer users struggling with broken (not forgetting excessively censored) websites.

The UK has a little way to go to cross the 1% threshold with 1.4% of users still suffering.

Keep an eye on IE6 Countdown to watch the final days of IE 6 unfold...

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