HTC trump Nokia with the new flagship Windows Phone 8X

HTC have leapt to the front of the Windows Phone 8 pack with their two new handset announcements. In what appears to be something of a snub to Nokia, Microsoft have even given the better of the two the thumbs up with their Nexus-style Signature moniker.

Both the HTC 8X and HTC 8S are powered by the new Windows Phone OS, much like the recently announced Nokia Lumia 920. Both are also stunningly designed - with bright yellows and purples and deep blacks giving a contrast to almost every other handset on the market.

The phone we'll all be wanting most is the 8X - an S4 quad-core powered beast with a 1280x720 4.3 inch Gorilla glass screen. It'll also be packing 1GB RAM and 16GB on-board storage (unfortunately with no option for expansion). The phone is a svelte 132mm x 62mm and is just a shade over 10mm thick - the screen itself stretches right to the edges with just a tiny bezel making this one of the best looking phones we've seen.
The mid-range 8S isn't quite as sexy in terms of spec, but it more than makes up for its lack of technical prowess with a stunning dual-colour design that really sets it apart. We can expect a more than adequate 1GHz dual core S4, 512MB memory and 4GB on-board storage accompanied by MicroSD support. The 8S has a 4 inch screen offering a 800x480 resolution and measures 120mm x 63mm x 10.28mm - plenty small enough for any pocket.
With these latest announcements, we think Windows Phone 8 is the most exciting of the three main mobile platforms - offering better looks, more innovation and much nicer handsets than the competition...

Source: Gizmodo UK

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