Fake Dr Dre headphones flood market

The BBC radio show You and Yours have reported that fake Beats by Dr Dre headphones are among the most seized items over the past year according to Trading Standards, with 200,000 pairs taken by officers and customs at UK ports.

The organisation said it was the first time it had seen mass counterfeiting of headphones. "It's a trend - Dr Dre is a leading headphone and that's what counterfeiters will go after," Trading Standards' Tony Shore told the programme.

Official version of the headphones are available in six different models that cost between £120 and £500, however You and Yours found sets on sale at a market in Cambridge for £15.

Trading Standards said it had never seen a problem with counterfeit headphones prior to this particular brand being released.

Consumers are advised to look out for the headphones on sale at prices well below the RRP or shoddy packaging as evidence the products are counterfeits.

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