EE 4G prices go live

Everything Everywhere or EE as they are now known have today revealed the pricing structure for the UKs first 4G network. And no matter which way you look at it these are expensive plans and on closer inspection the data allowances are far smaller than what most people already pay for:

With a handset
500MB £36
1GB £41
5GB £51
8GB £56

SIM Only
500 £21
3GB £31
5GB £36

The plans are priced around data, no matter which tariff you pick you will receive unlimited minutes and text messages.

With the speeds that can be reached on a LTE handset one would be able to burn through 500MB allowance in a very short space of time. For those that are already in a contract with T-Mobile to Orange and have either an Apple iPhone 4S, Samsung Galaxy S3 or HTC 1X you can move over to a 4G plan and receive a LTE version of your phone for a one of fee of £99. Although there are plenty of caveats you will need to be in the first six months of your contract, agree to a new minimum term contract and return your current handset in perfect working condition.

Also watch out for the small print for those that run out of data before their next bill:

“If you run out of data, you won’t be able to use the internet and you’ll need to buy a data add-on to use the internet until you next bill date. You’ll be charged the full cost of the data add-on no matter when you buy it and when your bill date occurs. Any unused data will not be rolled over and you’ll lose it.”

EE will flick the on switch on 30th October.

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