Take My Life - a short story by Lucy Myatt reviewed

Take My Life - a short story by Lucy Myatt reviewed

Lucy Myatt is something of a celebrity on the convention and cosplay circuit and Take My Life is her second published story. Originally written for a short story anthology, she has now self-published the book and it can be bought from her website.

Following Nick, a business man who has a blowout when his wife tells him she wants a divorce, we find him waking up the morning after with a banging hangover and only fractured memories from the night before. Piecing together the flashbacks he has to what happened as he became more and more drunk he quickly recalls that he used an online app to request a suicide.

Not wanting to actually die, but having destroyed his phone during his misadventure, he has no way of cancelling the order and when a knock comes at his door he goes on the run fuelled only be paranoia and panic. Take My Life is a taught story that keeps up a solid pace from start to finish. Nick isn't a sympathetic character, but we become entwined in his wish to survive and find a way of rescinding his request to end his life.

There is a sharp, dark twist in the last act of the book that flips the story on its head and it becomes a tragedy in an unexpected way.

Lucy Myatt has a talent for creating rounded characters within just a few pages - we know Nick is a paranoid man even at the best of times and this plays into the story in an unexpected and satisfying way. We're keen to find out more about the future society dystopia where suicide is something that can be ordered via an app and Take My Life is a triumph in lean, well thought out storytelling with a sharp edge. Highly recommended.

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