Kärcher Window Vac Anniversary Edition

It's hard to believe that Kärcher Window Vac range is now ten years old. The window cleaning system has picked up a reputation for streak free results and it's well deserved. To mark the 10th anniversary of the range, Kärcher have released a new model in fetching black and trademark Kärcher yellow.

The Kärcher Window Vac Anniversary Edition is as good as those that have come before. It's deceptively simple - you get a squeezy bottle with a soft cleaning attachment that you first used to give your windows a clean and then you use the Window Vac itself to replace the standard squeegee to remove any moisture from the window. The Window Vac has a small reservoir that will be more than enough to clean all of your glass surfaces. It also works remarkably well on mirrors providing a pristine, clean, streak-free finish.

The Window Vac is comfortable to use - not too heavy for those who have problems with their arms and wrists but with enough weight to provide evidence of the Window Vac's quality. There is a battery that held enough charge to clean all the windows in our house twice - it lasts around 40% longer than previous models. The only downside is that without a ladder and a tolerance of heights it doesn't offer a simple solution for first and second floor external surfaces.

One noticeable oversight - and one that really shouldn't have been here after ten years - is the fact that the Window Vac doesn't quite get into the corners - there's a small area right at the edge of the window where the vac misses leaving you with a tiny (we're talking a couple of millimetres) area of uncleaned glass. The size of the vac also means that it isn't suited to the smallest of windows.

All in all though, this is a well designed and well realised product that is better than ever. It offers enough of a bonus over manual tools to make it a worthwhile purchase.

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