Cardhop for iOS and MacOS Review

Cardhop for iOS and MacOS Review

It feels strange to test a new contacts app out on an iPhone and Mac because the stock one on each platform do exactly what you'd want them to. If anyone can prove us wrong it's Flexibits who have redefined calendars on both platforms with Fantastical 2 - is Cardhop another home run?

Cardhop is a one-stop shop for your contacts, pulling together all data for a single entry and featuring options to jump into a number of third-party applications. It also holds a few neat features for business users, too.

Once you've installed Cardhop, it'll pull contacts from your stock Contacts app and bring them through to its clean, smart interface. Perhaps fittingly given the developers pedigree, Cardhop feels beautifully designed on both iOS and MacOS.

Another thing Cardhop shares with Fantastical is its affinity for natural language. This goes for both input and search functions - you can add a new contact by just typing in everything in one hit and let the app do the rest, or you can search for any piece of the contact or their information to find them. It's quick, easy, and it feels a little like witchcraft.

You can even use the search bar to trigger actions - "Tweet Tim Cook", for example, will bring up the required app. If we're honest, it feels like everything Apple's contacts app should be - stuffed with shortcuts and potential for saving time.

If you prefer the more traditional style of engaging with a contact, you can select them from the list and find all of their information. We're big fans of another option, however - you can swipe the contact to the left to open up all of the options for contacting them. For example, swiping my name might bring up the option to call me, Facetime me, send a WhatsApp, an iMessage, or tweet me.

Cardhop is customisable, too. There are light and dark modes, and you can decide which apps can open things like links and map directions. There's a handy birthday tab (provided you've inputted this information), and favourite contacts will appear in a widget on the Today view in iOS.

One of our favourite functions in Cardhop iOS is the ability to share your business card just by turning the app into landscape mode. This allows you to create a digital business card, complete with a QR code that instantly adds you to a contact.

There's also impressive Siri integration - certainly more impressive than what Apple has achieved with the digital assistant thus far.

The MacOS version is similar in many ways to Fantastical. You can open your contacts from a small drop down on your menu bar, and it feels hard to go back to looking through the Mac contacts app when you have everything so easily accessible.

Cardhop for Mac costs £19.99, and many will find that's a tall order. Thankfully, the iOS version is £3.99 and, unlike Fantastical, also includes the iPad version. It's a small price to pay for the most fully-featured contacts app on the platform, but it all comes down to how many of these extra features you need.

If you're looking for a fully-featured, one-stop shop for your contacts and your interactions with them - Cardhop is ideal.


If you're looking for a fully-featured, one-stop shop for your contacts and your interactions with them - Cardhop is ideal.



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