BBC Audio Review: Doctor Who - Time Lord Victorious: The Minds of Magnox

BBC Audio Review: Doctor Who - Time Lord Victorious: The Minds of Magnox

With the success and fame of Big Finish, you could be forgiven for forgetting it isn't the only company that produces Doctor Who audio stories. While not using a full cast, these narrated stories are still very well written and span every era of the show. For their contribution to Time Lord Victorious, BBC Audio present us with a Tenth Doctor and Brian story, the placing in the overall timeline being not explicitly confirmed, and thus a little confusing.

Regardless, it is a VERY strong story in its own right. The two main cast get to have their own separate plot lines for the large majority of the story, yet neither one feels dragged out or tacked on, a testament to Darren Jones' script. The Doctor's part of the story is a very simple one, merely trying to receive the answer to a question, yet it never runs out of steam with a natural progression and even a new companion of the week picked up along the way.

Brian the Ood, meanwhile, gets to join an assassination mission to kill the titular Minds, fully in his element. Brian is, as always, a brilliant character to have around, from getting drunk to holding back his urges to murder everyone he meets, and even gets his own squad who act like his companions. There are underlying themes of betrayal and what is right woven throughout the tale and add a depth to quite a simple idea.

The Minds themselves are clever creations, very much in the vain of what the prosthetics department would have tried to achieve on TV back in the Russell T Davies era, but are merely a MacGuffin with ultimately about 10/15 minutes listening time in total, and a sudden but also fun exit to the story. Surprisingly, the villain of the story is both obvious and unexpected in equal measure and when they rock up the chaos and explosions start, which should put a smile on anybody's face and help the final stretch of the main story. Yet, the Doctor himself is also partially responsible for all this destruction, and helps to truly show us the extent his antics as the Time Lord Victorious lead to.

While the narrative is simple, it's still a very enjoyable and worthy way to fill your time, with surprises and even a link to the Daleks! web series that will surely satisfy any listener who's been following the series and cementing that further into the grand narrative than expected. The narration is well done and Jacob Dudman's Tenth Doctor; while not the strongest Doctor impression he can do, it still captures the essence of Tennant's performance to a tee. The story also manages to do a complete 180 in the final 15 minutes in a truly surprising way that adds a new character into the mix of Time Lord Victorious and showcases perhaps Dudman's best impression...

Overall The Minds of Magnox is a fantastic little addition to Time Lord Victorious, well worth your time and up there with Big Finish's Genetics of the Daleks as the best Time Lord Victorious release thus far...

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