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When scientists say something could be alien its time to take note!

OK, so it's a pretty long stretch, but news overnight first published on The Atlantic has set SETI aficionados hearts aflutter. A star, invisible to the naked eye, has been observed for the last half decade as being likely to have something strange in orbit around it. The beautifully monikered KIC 8462852 has had the full attention of the Kepler Space Telescope due to the fact that the light we're seeing (which set out on its journey across the cosmos 1480 years ago) is being dimmed due to a number of objects passing in front of it. Usually this means a planet or other body, but in this case the nature of the light defies conventional explanation.

There are various theories from it being a collection of comets caught thanks the star's transit through another system, to the results of a planetary collision. None of the theories fit perfectly due to the age of the star and its conditions and one possible theory that could hold weight is that we're seeing the affect of massive non-natural structures that have put into orbit of the star artificially; maybe as a solar array or some kind of Dyson Sphere.

There's every chance that its just rock and ice, but plans are now afoot to point a large dish in the direction of KIC 8462852 to listen for any signs of non-natural radio transmission which would add weight to the possibility that something is, or was, living out there building massive space-borne structures. If anything is picked up, the next step would be to point the Very Large Array telescope in New Mexico in that direction for further clarity...

Of course, the massive 1480 light year distance means we won't be knocking on their door for sugar any time soon!

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