UK piracy has risen by almost 60% during lockdown

UK piracy has risen by almost 60% during lockdown

People wanting something for nothing has lead to the number of people visiting piracy websites to download films rising by 60% despite the fact that more free legal entertainment is available right now than ever thanks to so many artists live streaming their music, stage shows being made available via YouTube and even films being made available for free download.

With many of the UK's workforce currently 'working' from home, or furloughed, it seems that idle hands have seen them delving in to the world of downloads and VPNs.

That said, Netflix have seen a nice increase of 15.77 MILLION new subscribers - more than double what they'd usually expect - and other online services are seeing a similar increase. When we've seen Disney+ launch during lockdown it's interesting to see so many people actually increasing their streaming service access.

Muso CEO, Andy Chatterly, said that there has been "a significant spike in visits to film and TV piracy sites"

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