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Uber-high res streaming is closer than you might think

Rumours posted by GigaOM suggest everyone's favourite online video site, Youtube, will be demonstrating ultra-low bandwidth 4K streaming at this year's CES. Using an updated version of their VP9 codec, they've managed to squeeze twice the video in the half the bandwidth - meaning h.264 quality with less than half the data. Exciting stuff - for those of you with displays able to cope with the latest ultra-high resolution video.

Of course, right now a lack of 4K material coupled with costly hardware is likely to mean slow uptake, but as we've seen with 1080p HD, it's only a matter of time until these kinds of resolutions filter down to the average household and they become the standard. The benefits are arguable in most home environments, but making streaming more bandwidth efficient in general is a fantastic thing as television and film moves more and more online.

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