Twitter to ban political sponsored tweets

Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, has announced this evening that Twitter will no longer allow for political posts to be sponsored/promoted on the micro-blocking social platform. This is in direct contrast to Facebook’s continued courting of political expenditure.

Posting to the social networking site Dorsey says “A political message earns reach when people decide to follow an account or retweet. Paying for reach removes that decision, forcing highly optimized and targeted political messages on people. We believe this decision should not be compromised by money.”

The new policy will be enforced from 22nd November to give notice for those who have already invested in advertising spend. The full policy details will be published on 15th November.

In a final statement this evening Dorsey went on to say “This isn’t about free expression. This is about paying for reach. And paying to increase the reach of political speech has significant ramifications that today’s democratic infrastructure may not be prepared to handle. It’s worth stepping back in order to address.”

Colin Polonowski

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

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